Audi Timing Chain Replacement in Fremont, CA

Timing Chain Replacement - Fremont Auto Center

Fremont Auto Center offers comprehensive Audi maintenance services, including Audi timing chain replacement. Timing chains aren’t supposed to break, and are supposed to last for the lifetime of the car - in theory. While it is true that timing chains rarely break, they do stretch, and a stretched timing chain is dangerous to your vehicle’s engine. Most manufacturers do not specify an interval for timing chain measurement or replacement. If your car shows symptoms of timing chain problems, or if we are working in the area of the timing chain, we can check the timing chain for evidence of stretching.

Unfortunately, Audi vehicles in particular can suffer from stretched timing chain. There was even a lawsuit brought against the manufacturer due to this problem. Below we list a few symptoms that indicate that the timing chain may be stretched and that your vehicle needs to be brought to a professional shop for an inspection and, possibly, timing chain replacement:

A) increased fuel consumption, as well as reduced power at low engine speeds; the engine may also run “rough”

B) Noise - stretched chain may rattle or clatter

C) You may notice worn idlers/tensioner or timing chain sprockets

D) Worn chain guides will cause noisy chain operation – you will hear clatter or rattle

E) Timing chain may jump off one of its sprockets – you may hear loud grinding or clattering noise before engine stops running

F) Broken timing chain – fortunately, this happens very rarely, but if it does, serious engine damage may occur.

G) Computer may illuminated the check engine light if valve timing (due to stretched timing chain) gets out of specified limits – fortunately check engine light can come on for hundreds other reasons, so it does not mean immediate serious problem, especially if the car drives normally, but you should get your vehicle to an auto repair shop asap. If the check engine light is flashing, stop the vehicle where it’s safe to do so, turn off the engine and have it towed to a mechanic shop. Driving with flashing check engine light can cause serious and expensive to repair problems.

At Fremont Auto Center we employ nationally ASE certified technicians who have extensive experience working with Audi vehicles. If you suspect any problems with your Audi, they will be happy to inspect, diagnose, and repair whatever ails your vehicle. With all services and repairs you can expect:

  • 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty
  • Original Equipment quality parts
  • Same-day service (in most cases)
  • Clear explanation of what needs to be done, and why

So when your Audi needs professional service – whether it’s the timing chain replacement, or a simple oil change, bring it to our Fremont auto repair shop – we offer convenient online appointments on our website, or call us at the shop to make an appointment.

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