Mercedes-Benz to Offer Choice of Sounds for Electric Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz announced last week that they are planning to offer "selectable soundscapes" for their future electric cars. In addition to the normal engine noises (electric vehicles are required by law to produce sounds that alert pedestrians that an EV is moving), Mercedes wants to provide drivers with engine sounds played through the interior speakers.  They will change as the vehicle accelerates, brakes, etc. The sounds will be artificially generated and piped through the infotainment system. They are also planning to develop unique sounds to alert drivers when the vehicle is unlocked, when it’s fully charged, etc. Well, at Fremont Auto Center we are happy to hear that Mercedes is ready with the electric vehicles - Mercedes EQC crossover was supposed to be introduced in the US in 2020 but the introduction was delayed due to the pandemic We are the premier Mercedes-Benz repair shop in Fremont, so when Mercedes EQC hits the road, our nationally ASE certified te ... read more



Hyundai wins Mass Market Brand Technology Innovation Award by JD Power

Hyundai ranked highest in the Technology Innovation for the mass market segment according to JD Power. There was a time when Hyundai only competed on price, but these days are long gone. Today Hyundai is a cutting edge competitor, including high end technologies, as well as a full line of quality vehicles – from compacts, to sedans, to SUVs, including the Hyundai Kona, the all-electric SUV.  The Technology Innovation leader award from JD Power confirms that Hyundai has become a full fledge competitor, able to go head-to-head with the biggest names in the auto industry. At Fremont Auto Center we continue to serve Hyundai owners with a wide range of automotive maintenance and repairs. Our nationally ASE certified technicians have extensive Hyundai repair experience, and use state of the art electronic equipment to diagnose and repair your car. For your peace of mind, we back our work with a 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty. Next time you ... read more



Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA Partnership Helps Mercedes-Benz Vehicles to Become Smarter

NVIDIA and Mercedes Benz announced a strategic partnership – Mercedes will install NVIDIA technology in all Mercedes models, giving them the ability to have software updates throughout the life of the car. The promise is that it will be “as easy as updating your cell phone’s operating system”. The more interesting news is that installing NVIDIA technology also means that Mercedes Benz vehicles will have Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and surround sensors to make use of it (Autonomous vehicle AI is useless without sensors to tell it what’s going on around the vehicle). So the new Mercedes should be able to have automated parking, as well as be able to autonomously drive regular routes (did you ever want to catch a nap while commuting?). Naturally there will be advanced driver assist features and collision avoidance features that are already part of high end Mercedes vehicles.  NVIDIA is a leader in autonomous vehicle software and computing sys ... read more

Volkswagen - EV Training Expansion

Volkswagen - EV Training Expansion Ever since Volkswagen made an about turn on Electric Vehicles, it’s been going full speed ahead.  It is now ramping up training for those working in the high-voltage environment. This is in support of the $800 million investment in the Chattanooga TN plant.  Training can range from 2 weeks to 6 months, and it depends on the complexity of the job a trainee will hold. Primary aspects of the training deal with working in high-voltage environment, including safe handling of high-voltage batteries, and robotics, of course. In addition to onsite training, employees will also be able to travel to Germany to a plant where VW is already producing its Volkswagen ID.3 electric vehicle. Chattanooga plant should start producing Volkswagen electric vehicles in 2022. VW said it is committed to building millions of electric vehicles in this decade. We are thrilled to see Volkswagen committed to the US production of its electric vehicles. At Fremon ... read more


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Mercedes-Benz Metris - the Pop Top Camper

Mercedes-Benz Metris - the Pop Top Camper

If you do not feel comfortable driving a full sized RV, Mercedes has a treat for you. Mercedes Benz Metris Pop Top camper built in partnership with Driverge Vehicle Innovations, a Mercedes-Benz MasterSOLUTIONS™ partner. Mercedes Metris van has swiveling front seats that rotate 180 degrees that can change your van into a comfy lounge.  Standard on every Metris Pop Top camper package is a second battery to power your devices, light up your nights or suit any of your other campsite needs. As an optional feature you can order integrated solar panels for those longer off-grid trips. On the road, the Crosswind Assist helps stabilize the van in gusting crosswinds, and it sports a 5000 lb. tow capacity. That’s of course in addition to the superior Mercedes safety and reliability. At Fremont Auto Center we welcome this addition to the Mercedes Benz Metris line. We also service and repair Mercedes Metris Cargo Van and Mercedes Metris Passenger Van, as well as Sprinter vans. W ... read more

Fremont BMW 3 Series Service and Repair

 Seventh Generation BMW 3 series announced.       On October 2nd, 2018 BMW announced the seventh generation of BMW 3 series. At Fremont Auto Center we are excited by this arrival. The new 3 series sports optimized heat management and a new digital engine management system, yet it can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds - that's the new BMW 330i Sedan. High Precision Injection - direct gasoline injection, Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing, and ALVETRONIC fully variable valve timing. It also comes with 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission as standard – which has increased internal efficiency, and also has improved vibration suppression capability. At Fremont Auto Center we welcome your BMW 3 Series - whether it’s the latest model, or one you have driven for years. From oil service to major repairs - we have the tools and the latest training to take care of your vehicle. Regular service at Fremont Aut ... read more


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Farewell Volkswagen Beetle

We are sad to announce that Volkswagen will discontinue the New Beetle in 2019. Cute as it is, apparently the declining sales no longer justify keeping it in production. Without doubt, once discontinued, the New Beetle’s cult following will increase, just as it did for its predecessor. New Beetle was introduced in 1998, with a longer version manufactured since 2011. At Fremont Auto Center we will continue to support your New Beetle – whether you need routine maintenance, diagnostics or major repairs, we are here to help. And if you do not own a Volkswagen Beetle yet – should you decide to purchase one, give us a call BEFORE you buy – so we can perform a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection and give you a detailed report of the state of the vehicle. At this point we foresee no shortage of spare parts, so we fully expect to be able to service and repair your Volkswagen Beetle well into the future

What to do when the infamous Check Engine Light is “on”?

What to do when the infamous Check Engine Light is “on”?

When the check engine light comes on in your car – what should you do? If the check engine light if flashing – pull to the side of the road as soon as it is safe to do so, and turn off the engine. Flashing check engine light indicates serious problems with the car. You want to have it towed to an auto repair shop (call AAA – if you don’t have AAA, buy it now, before you need it). Driving with flashing check engine light could cause severe engine damage. If the check engine light is not flashing, and the car drives normally, then the problem is not an emergency – but you should still bring the car in for a checkup within a day or two. Even if the check engine light is not flashing, continued driving with the check engine light “on” can damage the catalytic converter – resulting in a very expensive repair. Now for the good news – the check engine light can be illuminated in response to any of dozens of codes &ndas ... read more


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