Prius Water Pump Replacement in Fremont, CA

  If you own a Prius, you are likely used to a trouble free ownership experience. Toyota Prius vehicles are famous for their reliability and longevity. However, there is one repair that you are likely to encounter – water pump replacement. Water pump replacement is a likely repair because Prius vehicles have multiple water pumps, and mechanical devices will eventually break down with use. Considering the longevity of a typical Prius vehicle, a water pump replacement is a small price to pay.    Fortunately, our Fremont auto repair shop offers full range of Prius maintenance services and repairs, including water pump replacement. Whether it’s the inverter coolant pump, engine water pump, the heater core pump, or the coolant heat recovery system pump, our nationally ASE certified technicians can diagnose which water pump needs replacement and we will install a new, OEM quality pump in its place. We warrant our ... read more

BMW Engine Repair in Fremont, CA

Your BMW, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, needs the engine functioning at its best. Engine diagnostics and repairs are some of the most demanding skills that a professional mechanic may be called upon to employ when providing BMW services. Fortunately, at Fremont Auto Center we have extensive experience working with BMW vehicles. We are not only the premier Mercedes repair shop in the East Bay, but we also have the requisite skills and cutting edge digital tools to diagnose and repair other high-end German vehicles, including your BMW. When you bring your BMW to our Fremont auto care facility, one of our BMW specialists will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to diagnose your vehicle, and we will let you know the root cause of the problems, and what can be done to bring your BMW back to its former glory.  We highly recommend regular maintenance and following BMW recommended schedule of services – this provides your vehicle with timely services that ex ... read more

Fremont Auto Care

Fremont Auto Care   Fremont Auto Center offers comprehensive auto care at our Mowry Avenue facility. We specialize in high end European and Japanese vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Acura and Infiniti. Having said that, we have the depth of experience and state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to work on most vehicles, both foreign and domestic.   Our auto care facility in Fremont offers convenience, superior customer service, as well as technical excellence that comes from ongoing training, and simply because we like to work on cars.    Our technicians are nationally ASE certified, and can get your vehicle diagnosed and repaired, usually the same day. We back their work with 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty. Whenever you bring your car to us for service or repairs, you will also receive electronic copy of the digital vehicle inspection we perform. We will highlight any items of concern, and include pictures ... read more

Auto Repair in Fremont: The Components of a Vehicle That Will Eventually Need Replacing

Auto Repair in Fremont: The Components of a Vehicle That Will Eventually Need Replacing As your vehicle ages, some components will wear out or fail, and will need to be replaced. Your driving habits may also influence how quickly, or how often you will need to visit your local auto repair shop to have them replaced. The most commonly replaced vehicle components include: Windshield wipers - In general, wiper blades should be replaced at least once a year, though that's one of the easiest components to check - either they keep the windshield clear, or they need to go. Headlights -Approximately every five years - again, easy to check, if the light bulb is burned out, it's time for a replacement ( we recommend replacing light bulbs on both sides, since the other one is likely to fail soon as well). Taillights - Approximately every five years. Air filter -it really depends on where you drive and how dirty is the air tha ... read more

Fremont Automotive Services: Drive Belt Check

Drive belts need friction to operate. Friction between the belt and the pulleys allows power to transfer to an alternator, power steering pump, or an AC compressor. To maximize friction, belts and pulleys have grooves that line up, increasing the surface area in contact, thus increasing friction. Over time, though, the belt will wear out, and eventually, it can start to slip. So before you head out on that summer voyage, bring your vehicle to Fremont Auto Center, and we will get your car checked out for the trip. As part of the checkup, we will inspect the belts and check them for cracks and for signs of excessive wear. All services and repair work performed by our nationally ASE-certified mechanics are covered by our 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty – so bring your car to our Fremont auto repair shop, and we will get it ready for the road. Call us to make an appointment or request an appointment online.        

BMW Brakes Repair in Fremont, CA

Your BMW is a fine driving machine, but there are times when it needs to slow down and stop - rapidly. That's why Fremont Auto Center offers priority brake repairs. We make it a policy to accept brake repair cases regardless of how busy we are. BMW brakes are a safety item - we will get them repaired even if we have to postpone other jobs. Whether your BMW needs brake pads replacement, brake rotors replacement, new brake calipers, or simply BMW brake fluid change, call our Fremont auto repair shop and we will get your vehicle fixed and back on the road.   BMW Brakes Symptoms To Watch Out For: Brakes feel spongy Squealing or grinding sounds when braking Car pulling to one side when braking Steering wheel vibrations during braking Brake warning light illuminated   Any of the above symptoms should be considered serious enough to get the brakes inspected by a professional mechanic. At Fremont Auto Center we offer comprehensive BMW brake inspections ... read more


BMW Repair

2006 Mercedes-Benz E350 Balance Shaft Failure

Mercedes-Benz E350 has been a reliable, steady performer. The one exception seems to be the 2006 model, which suffered from balance shaft failure. The solution was to replace the balance shaft, and in some cases, it required replacement of engine idle gears as well. Fortunately, this was the only year that the E350 suffered from this malady. Mercedes worked its magic and the owners of 2007 model and subsequent models did not report balance shaft failures in any significant numbers. At Fremont Auto Center we are Mercedes-Benz repair specialists – whether your E350 needs balance shaft replacement, or your S-class needs Service B, or your C-class has check engine light on – call Fremont Auto Center. We will diagnose and repair your Benz, usually the same day. We perform complimentary digital vehicle inspection with every service or repair, so you know the exact condition of your Mercedes. So next time your Mercedes needs a bit of tender, loving care, call us, or setup an a ... read more



Brake Repair in Fremont, CA

No matter what type of car you drive, working brakes are crucial for your safety. That is why Fremont Auto Center will make sure your car’s brakes are in excellent condition. From the regular brake-pad replacement to brake line repair, brake fluid replacement, and rotors or drums replacement, we will make sure your vehicle has reliable brakes. Brakes are used hundreds of times during even short drives - we don’t’ think about it – but they are under a lot of stress, strain, heat and friction. When the brakes need professional attention, there are usually signs – brake pedal going too far, spongy feeling when braking, pulsation or vibration while braking, squealing noises, or grinding noise are all signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop for brake inspection and repairs. You can click on the link to learn more about brake repair in Fremont, CA.&nb ... read more


Auto Repair

Mercedes-Benz to Offer Choice of Sounds for Electric Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz announced last week that they are planning to offer "selectable soundscapes" for their future electric cars. In addition to the normal engine noises (electric vehicles are required by law to produce sounds that alert pedestrians that an EV is moving), Mercedes wants to provide drivers with engine sounds played through the interior speakers.  They will change as the vehicle accelerates, brakes, etc. The sounds will be artificially generated and piped through the infotainment system. They are also planning to develop unique sounds to alert drivers when the vehicle is unlocked, when it’s fully charged, etc. Well, at Fremont Auto Center we are happy to hear that Mercedes is ready with the electric vehicles - Mercedes EQC crossover was supposed to be introduced in the US in 2020 but the introduction was delayed due to the pandemic We are the premier Mercedes-Benz repair shop in Fremont, so when Mercedes EQC hits the road, our nationally ASE certified te ... read more



Hyundai wins Mass Market Brand Technology Innovation Award by JD Power

Hyundai ranked highest in the Technology Innovation for the mass market segment according to JD Power. There was a time when Hyundai only competed on price, but these days are long gone. Today Hyundai is a cutting edge competitor, including high end technologies, as well as a full line of quality vehicles – from compacts, to sedans, to SUVs, including the Hyundai Kona, the all-electric SUV.  The Technology Innovation leader award from JD Power confirms that Hyundai has become a full fledge competitor, able to go head-to-head with the biggest names in the auto industry. At Fremont Auto Center we continue to serve Hyundai owners with a wide range of automotive maintenance and repairs. Our nationally ASE certified technicians have extensive Hyundai repair experience, and use state of the art electronic equipment to diagnose and repair your car. For your peace of mind, we back our work with a 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty. Next time you ... read more


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