Brake Fluid Change in Fremont CA

One of the most critical aspects of vehicle maintenance is brake fluid change. What is brake fluid? It’s the fluid that transfers (augmented) power from the brake pedal to the calipers, which press brake pads against rotors and cause vehicle to slow down and to stop. At Fremont Auto Center we recommend brake fluid change every two years. The reason for such fairly frequent change is that brake fluid deteriorates over time and it also absorbs moisture from its surroundings. As the moisture content reaches critical level, brakes will not function effectively, and in severe cases brakes may fail. At our Fremont Auto Care facility we don’t just replace the fluid willy-nilly. We will perform a test that tells us if the water content of the brake fluid is high enough to warrant replacement. Sometimes, even though the water content might not be at excessive levels, we may still recommend brake fluid replacement due to the overall condition of the brake fluid. Brake fluid is subj ... read more

Hummer Service and Repair in Fremont CA

Fremont Auto Center offers comprehensive automotive services and repairs. One of the vehicles we are particularly fond of is the Hummer. Based on the military Humvee, the Hummer was first released in the civilian world in 1992. Since then it has gone through a number of modifications, went out of production for a while, and recently returned as the GMC Hummer EV – an electric version of the Hummer. Our Fremont auto care facility provides broad range of auto repair services, as well as regular maintenance for most vehicles currently in use. So naturally we also provide maintenance and repair for Hummers. So whether your H2 needs brake repair, or H3 requires an oil change, our technicians will take care of your vehicle as if it were our own. When a vehicles is brought to our Fremont auto repair shop, whether for service or repairs, we will not only take care of the original reason for the visit, but will also provide your vehicle with a free digital vehicle inspection. This inspe ... read more

Acura B Service in Fremont CA

The other day client called and asked about Acura B service. It’s actually quite involved as compared to the Acura A service which is an oil change with additional inspections or parts replacements (that’s where the digits come in, as in A1, or A3 – they indicate additional work to be performed). Acura B service is considerably more involved than the A service. It includes a number of inspections, which of course can turn into repairs if the inspected item is failing or broken. So below we list what is involved in B service, but please remember that this list is for the basic B service – when your Acura onboard computer displays B1 service, or B6 service, additional inspections / maintenance will be required. But without further delay, here is Acura B service in a nutshell:       Oil change     Oil filter replacement     Driveshaft boot inspection     Fuel system inspection     ... read more

Mercedes and Nvidia Working Together on AI

Nvidia is the premier manufacturer of the specialized computer chips needed to power artificial intelligence applications. At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, Nvidia and Mercedes spoke about AI in the automobile market. Nvidia, naturally, wants its chips to be used for every AI application in the automotive industry.  They want to use the data generated from cameras, the radar, and LIDAR on vehicles, to finally reach the goal of a safe, self-driving automobile – and so does every automobile maker. But so far the goal remains elusive. Mercedes announced that it is offering enhanced Virtual Assistant which apparently will offer a blend of empathetic and proactive interactions, including 4 emotions that adapt to people’s needs, preferences, and moods. Nvidia suggests that Mercedes will be able to train large language model (artificial intelligence) not only with the history of Mercedes vehicles, but also the manual for a particular model, as well as info about the s ... read more

RAM Promaster City Service and Repair in Fremont CA

At Fremont Auto Center we offer complete RAM Promaster City automotive services, including diagnostics and repairs. Fremont Auto Center is a family owned and operated modern auto repair facility that offers complete Promaster City care. Our technicians not only have extensive RAM repair experience, but the use cutting-edge digital tools to find the root cause of any problem your vehicle may manifest. All repairs performed at our Fremont auto repair facility are covered by a 36 month  / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty. We offer priority fleet service as well. Promaster City vans are popular on the Bay Area roads, and in Fremont itself. At Fremont Auto Center we can keep you van working, providing both preventive maintenance as well as minor and major repairs. Whether your RAM Promaster City van needs brake repair, check engine light diagnostics, or engine repairs, we can get your van fixed and back on the road. We provide priority service for fleet vehicles – we know your v ... read more

Subaru Service and Repair in Fremont CA

At Fremont Auto Center we are big fans of Subaru vehicles - whether you drive an Impreza, Forester, Outback or Tribeca, our nationally ASE certified technicians will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to discover the root cause of any problem your Subaru might exhibit. Once we know the root cause, we will provide you with a clear estimate of the cost of repairs, and upon your approval, we will fix your vehicle and get it ready for the road. Some of the older Subaru models were known for frequent oil leaks that could lead to further damage. If you notice any signs of an oil leak – droplets on the garage floor, or low oil level between oil changes, call Fremont Auto Center so we identify the location of the problem and get if repaired. If you own Subaru Legacy, particularly 2015 model, watch out for battery issues. Unfortunately battery problems are an recurring issue for most Subaru models. So when your Subaru needs some tender, loving care, bring it to our family own ... read more

Dodge RAM 1500 Service and Repair in Fremont CA

When your Dodge RAM 1500 needs service or major repairs, bring it to Fremont Auto Center. Our technicians will use state-of-the-art digital tools to diagnose the problem, and we can get your RAM fixed usually the same day. We provide priority fleet service as well, so your truck can get back to work as soon as possible. Our Fremont auto repair facility offers full range of Dodge RAM 1500 services and repairs, and new tires as well. From oil change, to battery and electrical issues, to check engine light diagnostics, a/c problems, transmission service or major engine repairs, our highly skilled mechanics will get your Dodge 1500 fixed and ready for service. When you bring your vehicle to us, you will encounter not only friendly service, but technical excellence as well. All repairs performed by our technicians are covered by our 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty. So next time your Dodge needs service or repairs, call Fremont Auto Center. Our friendly service advisors will be happy to ... read more

Fremont Chevy Silverado 1500 Service and Repair

Fremont Auto Center offers full range of Chevrolet Silverado services and repairs at our Fremont auto care facility. Whether your Chevy needs brake service, or check engine light diagnostics, or major engine repairs, our technicians are highly skilled at Chevrolet service and repairs. They will diagnose the root cause of the problem, and will have it fixed usually the same day. Chevy Silverado 1500 is a reliable work horse for trades as well as for personal use. There are however some model years that may require additional care – for example 2014 Silverado is known for a/c issues and also power steering problems, while 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 can suffer from electrical problems. If you own one of these model year vehicles, it’s good to keep an eye out for trouble symptoms. When you bring your Chevy to our Fremont auto repair shop, you will be greeted by a friendly service advisor, and your vehicle will be in the hands of highly skilled professional. We offer 24 months ... read more

Ford F-150 Repair in Fremont CA

Welcome to Fremont Auto Center, your one-stop repair shop for Ford F-150 pickup trucks. Whether you own a single F-150 or a fleet, our highly experienced technicians will get your vehicle(s) diagnosed, fixed and on the road again. Our technicians know that a truck in the shop means things are not getting done at home, in your business, or over the weekend. Our friendly service advisors will gather information necessary to help technicians to rapidly diagnose and repair your vehicle. All work performed at our Fremont auto repair shop is covered by 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty. We offer full range of Ford maintenance services and repairs, covering all major systems and subsystems of your vehicle – from check engine light diagnostics and repairs, to brake repair, transmission problems, shocks and struts, electrical system, a/c issues, and engine problems as well. We also offer new tires for your F150 – so bring your vehicle to Fremont Auto Center whenever you are concer ... read more


Auto Repair

Likely Causes of Mini Cooper Oil Leaks

Your Mini Cooper is manufactured by BMW, but even the best designed vehicles can develop “issues”. Mini Cooper is known for developing oil leaks – fortunately at Fremont Auto Center we can find the source of any oil leak and get it fixed, so you can enjoy your Mini for years to come. How do I know that my Mini is leaking engine oil? We all know about oil spots on the driveway or the garage floor. But a pungent smell coming from the engine area (when the engine is hot) may also indicate that there is an oil leak. One good habit, though it requires a bit more effort, is to regularly check engine oil levels – if you notice the oil level dropping significantly between regular oil changes, or you have to repeatedly add engine oil between service visits, it’s likely a sign of an engine oil leak. Noticing any of these symptoms should motivate you to have your Mini Cooper checked out by a professional. Common Areas of Mini Cooper Oil Leaks Among the areas of M ... read more

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