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Auto Air Conditioning Recharge in Fremont CA

The days are getting hotter, and it’s time to check the a/c system in your vehicle. We recommend checking not only that it blows cold air, but also that it can blow plenty of cold air at a high setting. If it does not, or there is no air coming from the vents, it’s time to bring your vehicle to Fremont Auto Center for an auto ac inspection, and perhaps  for an auto ac recharge. Why would your vehicle’s ac system require a recharge? Well, even though it’s a closed system, it may develop minor or major leaks, including hoses getting brittle and cracking (this would require ac hose replacement). So before we do an ac recharge, State of California requires that we test your vehicle for refrigerant leaks. If a leak is found, it will have to be repaired before the system can be recharged. Fortunately, our nationally ASE certified technicians are highly skilled at auto a/c system diagnostics and repairs. Most repairs can be completed the same day. All a/c work p ... read more

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