What Could it Mean When the Brake Warning Light is Illuminated?

Brake warning light could be activated by a number of conditions. Some are warnings, some will require professional help. Some vehicles do not have separate light for the parking brake, so the brake light could be illuminated to let you know that the parking brake is still on. Naturally, if you released the parking brake, but it looks like the parking brake ( aka emergency brake) is stuck or broken, it’s time to look for a “mechanic near me” and call the professionals.

Another reason for the brake light being turned “on” is low level of brake fluid. Topping off the fluid should turn off the light right away. However, this begs the question – what caused the low brake fluid level? Which leads us to yet another reason for the brake light being “on” – brake fluid leak. These can occur in brake lines, brake calipers, drum brake wheel cylinders, and naturally, the master cylinder as well. At Fremont Auto Center we can diagnose and repair any brake system leaks your vehicle may exhibit.

Another reason for the brake light on the dashboard could be that the brake pads need to be replaced. Some vehicles will warn you of the need for brake pad replacement by turning on the brake light.

Then there are the brake light bulbs – some manufacturers use the brake light to warn you that one of the brake light bulbs needs to be replaced.

Your vehicle may also turn on the brake light warning when the ABS system (anti-lock brake system) is not working correctly. This condition will require professional technician to diagnose the root cause of the problem, before fixing the issue.

Any time your vehicle’s onboard computer turns on the brake warning light, you should consider your car to be unsafe to drive, and have it towed to an auto repair shop. That’s why at Fremont Auto Center we consider brake issues to be emergency repairs – so please do not make an appointment online – call our shop directly so you can bring your vehicle in outside of the regular schedulebrake repairs are too important to wait.


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