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Brake Fluid Change in Fremont, CA

Fremont Auto Center offers a broad range of brake services and repairs in Fremont including brake fluid exchange, also known as brake fluid flush.

There are two main reasons for timely brake fluid exchanges – chemical additives in the brake fluid breakdown over time, and brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, which can result in substandard braking performance and deterioration of the braking system.

Before we perform brake fluid exchange, we test the fluid, and in particular, we look to measure water content of the fluid.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from its surroundings – in the technical language we say that it is hygroscopic. As the percentage of water in the brake fluid increased, it can lead to very undesirable consequences:

  1. Some parts of the brake system can become corroded by the water in the brake fluid.
  2. During braking, fluid heats up from the heat generated by brake friction. Higher water content actually lowers brake fluid boiling point, which can negatively impact car’s braking ability.
  3. Brake fluid loses some of its lubricating properties

Another reason to perform brake fluid exchange every 2 years has to do with chemical additives meant to protect the braking system – they break down over time and cannot be replenished. Combined with higher water content of the brake fluid, it accelerates brake system component corrosion.

Fremont Auto Center offers convenient brake fluid testing. We can determine water content of the fluid, and let you know if it needs to be exchanged. If it does turn out that it is time for brake fluid exchange, we can combine this service with oil service, so you can get both done at the same time.

If you do not know when brake fluid was last changed in your vehicle, or if you do know that it’s coming up on 2 years, give us a call. Next time you bring your vehicle for oil service we will test the brake fluid and let you know if it needs replacement.

Brake fluid flush is an important maintenance item that keeps your car’s most important safety system – brakes – functioning at their peak effectiveness. As a matter of fact, if you have any concerns about the brake system, call us right away – we consider brake system repair to be an emergency situation and will provide priority service.

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