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Brake Calipers Replacement in Fremont

Welcome to Fremont Auto Center, the premier Fremont auto repair shop. Brake calipers replacement is one of the many brake services and brake repairs we offer. 

Brake calipers hold the brake pads – they fit like clamps around the rotors, and when you press the brake pedal, the brake pads are pressed against the rotors, generating friction that slows down the vehicle. 

Sometimes a caliper may be leaking brake fluid. When the brake fluid level goes down, brake warning light should illuminate on your vehicle’s  dashboard.  

At times, malfunctioning brake calipers can cause uneven braking. This may seem like not a big deal, but in rainy weather it can cause your car to slide out of control. When it’s dry, you will feel vehicle pulling to one side. Uneven braking is usually the result of a binding caliper – a piston doesn’t move smoothly out of the bore, as a result, different amount of pressure is applied, compared with the other caliper that works correctly. 

Brake problems are considered an emergency item by Fremont Auto Center – do not request appointment online – call the shop directly and we will fit your vehicle into our schedule – your safety is paramount to us. 

When you bring your vehicle to us for brake work, first we will inspect the brakes – not just the presenting problem, but the entire brake system – brake pads (or brake shoes if your vehicle has drum brakes), rotors, calipers, brake lines, and we will check the quality of the brake fluid as well. 

If brake calipers need to be replaced, we will do so, and after repairs are completed, we will test the brake system both in the shop, as well as on the road – we will take your vehicle on a road test, so we can verify that the brake system functions correctly under real world conditions – in real traffic, on real roads. 

Brakes are vital to your safety, so if you are at all concerned about your vehicle’s brakes – even if it’s “the brakes feel different today” - do not hesitate to give us a call. 

Our nationally ASE certified technicians will perform professional brake inspection and let you know what is wrong with the brakes, and what needs to be done to correct it. 

At Fremont Auto Center we offer:

  • 36 month / 36,000 miles warranty
  • Original Equipment quality parts
  • Same day service completion (in most cases)

If you are concerned about the brakes, call us at the shop.

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