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Brake Pad Replacement in Fremont

Welcome to Fremont Auto Center, your one-stop Fremont auto repair shop. We offer full range of brake service and repairs in Fremont. Brake pad replacement is the service most often requested.

Most modern vehicles have brake pads. Made of friction material, brake pads get pressed against surface of rotors when braking. Since rotors are attached to wheels, the friction between pads and rotors causes wheels, and the entire vehicle, to slow down.

Mass of a vehicle travelling at 60 miles per hour requires tremendous friction force to slow it down. Even though brake pads are specially designed to withstand tremendous forces, eventually brake pads wear down. At some point they need to be replaced, or your vehicle’s brakes will be “metal to metal” resulting in rotor damage as well.

Indicators that tell you that brake pads need to be replaced:

  1. Squealing brakes tell you that your trusted mechanic should look at the brakes.
  2. If you hear grinding noise when braking, your vehicle brakes are likely “metal to metal”. This means the friction material has worn off. Rotors are likely to get damaged as well. You should get your vehicle to a repair shop asap.
  3. Latest vehicles have electronic sensors built into pads – dashboard light will tell you when the brake pads need to be replaced.
  4. Brake system warning light illuminated on the dashboard, or a brake system maintenance message, tells you that it’s time to have a professional mechanic inspect your vehicle’s brakes.
  5. If the car pulls to the right or left while braking, it is likely that brake calipers need to be replaced. Fortunately calipers don’t need to be replaced as often as brake pads.
  6. Vehicle vibration or brake pedal pulsation typically indicated warped rotors. Call your friendly auto repair shop - it’s time for a visit.

What happens during brake pad replacement?
First thing we do at Fremont Auto Center is to take off the wheels. We inspect brake pads visually, we also check that calipers are operating properly – sometimes caliper gets stuck – that’s what causes a vehicle to pull to the side. Final step is to measure thickness of the brake pads – thickness of the pads will clearly indicate if the pads need to be replaced. Typically brake pads need to be replaced if their thickness is less than 3 mm.

Brake pads are replaced in pairs, either rear or front. It is rare that both front and rear brake pads need to be replaced at the same time, though it does happen occasionally.

During brake pad replacement, we take time to also lubricate brake system components, test condition of the brake fluid including water content, and we top off brake fluid if needed. Final step is to take your car for a test drive, so we can verify brakes work correctly under real world conditions.

If you are at all concerned about your vehicle’s brakes, bring your car to Fremont Auto Center. Brakes are critical to your safety, so when in doubt, have our nationally ASE certified technicians perform a professional brake inspection. It is easy to set up an appointment – just give us a call.

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