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Brake Shoe Replacement in Fremont

Welcome to the premier brake repair shop in Fremont. Among many brake services, we offer brake shoe replacement – it is a normal part of automobile maintenance. Brake shoes are used with drum brake systems. In modern cars drum brakes are found only at the rear wheels. The reason is that drum brake system does not provide sufficient stopping power compared to the disc brakes. So drum brakes, if used at all, are used on the rear axle. Rear axle braking force need not be as powerful as the front axle braking force.

At Fremont Auto Center we offer brake shoe replacement, and general drum brakes repair and service. Our Master Technicians are highly skilled in working with drum brakes.

Drum brakes work by creating friction that slows down the car – just like the disk brakes do. The difference is that it’s the brake shoe that presses against the drum to generate friction that slows down the car. Over time, the shoes wear down, and need to be replaced.

When your vehicle indicates (either thorough warning lights or symptoms) that it’s time to take care of the brakes, bring it to our Fremont auto repair shop. When you bring your vehicle to Fremont Auto Center we first perform a professional brake inspection, so we can ascertain if it is only the brake shoes that need attention, or if the other drum brake system components also require repairs or service.

Our inspection includes:
checking springs, brake cylinders, backing plate, emergency brake cable, checking for leaks, naturally we check the drums and the shoes, including checking brake shoes for contamination. Naturally we also check thickness – after all, the shoes might still be thick enough that you vehicle may not need new brake shoes.

If brake shoe replacement is indicated, after all parts are replaced, and the braking system is tested statically at the shop, we also take the vehicle for a road test. This is the ultimate test of the braking system – making sure it functions properly under real world driving conditions.

In general, we recommend having your brakes inspected on regular basis. We can perform it as a minor service, along with oil change and tire rotation. We also recommend regular testing of the brake fluid, as it absorbs moisture from the air, and if the water content of the fluid becomes too high, it can negatively impact braking system.

So any time your vehicle needs tender, loving, care, especially when it comes to brakes – bring it to Fremont Auto Center – we are happy to be of service. To make an appointment, simply give us a call.

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