Honda Timing Belt Replacement in Fremont

Honda Timing Belt Replacement in Fremont - Fremont Auto Center

Welcome to the premier Honda service and repair shop in Fremont. We are Fremont Auto Center, and we can provide your Honda with a wide range of diagnostics, maintenance, services and repairs. One of the services we offer is timing belt replacement. 

Latest Hondas come mostly with timing chains, but there are still millions of vehicles, including many Honda vehicles, that have timing belts. It is rare that a timing chain would need to be replaced, not so when it comes to the timing belts. As a matter of fact, Honda timing belts typically need replacement every 90,000 - 105,000 miles, depending on the Honda model you own.

Timing belt replacement is a vital maintenance item, and should be performed at the mileage recommended in your vehicle instructions manual. Failure to replace the timing belt in a timely fashion can result in severe engine damage, because timing belt synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft(s), allowing valves to open and close at the proper times. 

Some Hondas come with interference engines – for these vehicles timing belt replacement is even more important, because if it fails, pistons are likely to strike and damage valves. So a broken timing belt can cause serious engine damage. 

Before we undertake timing belt replacement, we will perform overall vehicle inspection. We will pay particular attention to timing belt pulleys and tensioner. We will also check water pump for leaks and condition of the drive belts. When changing timing belt, it’s usually a good idea to replace the water pump, since we are already working in this area. Replacing both water pump and timing belt together saves you money, as compared to performing each job separately. 

If you are not sure when your Honda’s timing belt should be replaced, give us a call – we will be happy to look it up. If timing belt replacement is due – we can schedule an appointment at the same time. 

All work performed at our Fremont auto repair shop includes:

  • 36 months / 36,000 mile warranty
  • Use of Original Equipment Sourced/Supplier or better parts
  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with service or repairs
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your Honda

Timing belt replacement is a major job, so we work by appointment only. You can request an appointment online or simply give us a call

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