Jaguar Service and Repair in Fremont | Fremont Auto CenterMercury by Jaguar MENA, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jaguar Service and Repair in Fremont

If your Jaguar needs service or repairs, Fremont Auto Center offers both regular maintenance services as well as Jaguar repairs. We are a full service Fremont auto repair shop that offers Jaguar owners superior quality customer service. Our nationally ASE certified technicians have both the experience and state-of-the-art tools to service, or to diagnose and repair your Jaguar. 

From oil service, to brake repair, AC recharge, manufacturer recommended maintenance, transmission issue or engine repairs, our technicians will take good care of your vehicle. Though Jaguars have been known to suffer from  fuel system problems, as well as transmission issues, in general, Jaguar has made major quality improvements. Nevertheless, like any vehicle, your Jaguar requires regular maintenance to perform at its best. 

We highly recommend regular oil and oil filter changes. Motor oil not only lubricates the engine, but also contains detergents and dispersants that help to clean grime and carry away impurities to the oil filter where they get filtered out. As the oil gets older, the additives get depleted and the oil does not fulfill its function as well as it did when it was fresh. Oil filter also needs to be regularly changed to do its job well. Hence the need for regular oil changes – they do extend engine life, and we also check and rotate tires if needed – that’s why you sometimes hear that “oil changes extend tire life’ – at Fremont Auto Center they truly do, as tire rotation allows tires to wear evenly and last longer. 

So bring your Jaguar to our Fremont auto repair shop, and in addition to a friendly greeting, you can expect: 

  • 36 months / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection results emailed or texted to you
  • Written estimates
  • In most cases, same day service completion.
  • Original Equipment quality parts
  • Accurate description of what needs to be done and why

At Fremont Auto Center we work on Jaguar XF, XJ, XK, or F-Type models. Naturally being a full service auto repair shop we can offer a wide range of services and repairs, including: EVAP system service and repair, diagnose & repair tire pressure monitoring systems, automatic transmission service & repair, coolant exchange service, fuel system repair, transmission fluid exchange service, catalytic converter emissions, brake fluid exchange, AC system recharge, 90,000 miles service, ignition coil replacement, rotation and check tire pressure, clutch repairs & replacement, manual transmission service & repair, tire pressure monitoring systems, brake fluid exchange, oil change, cooling system service (water pumps, radiators), tire repairs, brake fluid exchange, suspension (struts, shocks, axles, control arm), AC system recharge, brake inspection, oil service, alternator failure, CV boot replacement.

So next time your Jaguar needs some TLC, let our ASE certified technicians  take great care of your vehicle. For your convenience we offer appointment scheduling online, or simply call us.

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