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Welcome to Fremont Auto Center - the premier Fremont auto repair shop. Among the most frequent services and repairs  we perform is the brake service – we provide full gamut of brake repairs and services, including rotor replacement. 

Rotors are an integral part of the brake system. They are attached to wheels, so when you press the brake pedal, brake pads press against rotors, and the resulting friction slows down the rotors and thus the wheels. If you continue to apply brakes, eventually your vehicle will come to a complete stop. 

As with brake pads, which need to be regularly replaced, the friction will eventually wear the rotors down to the point that they need replacement. Warped rotors also need to be replaced (if you allow brake pads to completely wear out, resulting “metal-to-metal” action will badly damage the rotors).

What Are the Symptoms of Worn Out Rotors?

Brake rotors need to be inspected, and likely replaced, if:

  • There is blue discoloration on the rotor surface.
  • You feel vibration or pulsation when applying brakes.
  • Grooves or hot spots are visible on the rotors.

Why We No Longer Resurface Rotors

In the olden days, auto repair shops were able to resurface rotors, so they did not need to be replaced as often. Well… those days are gone, never to return. Over the years, Federal Government mandated fleet mileage improvements – this meant that car manufacturers needed to make cars with better mileage. The easiest way to increase mileage is to make the car lighter – and every pound counts. So rotors were thinned down, considerably. Resurfacing thinner rotors is not a good idea – there is just not enough metal to take off a layer and still have properly functioning rotors, and since they are the part of brake system – the key safety system on your car - we no longer resurface rotors. In addition, if you consider the high labor cost in the Bay Area, you might as well get brand new rotors and know that your vehicle is truly safe to drive.    

What Happens When We Do Rotor Replacement?

Most often rotors are replaced at the same time as brake pads. When you come for brake inspection or brake service, we measure thickness of the brake pads and rotors, and inspect the rotors. If they need to be replaced, we will let you know. 

Rotors are replaced in pairs – front or rear.  Naturally, during rotor replacement we also check other brake system components – calipers, condition of the brake fluid, condition of the brake lines, etc. 

Once the brake rotor replacement is completed, we test your vehicle’s brake system in the shop, then perform the ultimate test – we take it for a test drive, so we can verify that the brake system works under real world conditions. 

Since brakes are vital to your and passenger safety, bring your vehicle for brake inspection any time you feel that something is “different” about the brakes. Call us immediately – at Fremont Auto Center we prioritize brake system inspections and repairs because they are a “safety item” – even when we have a full schedule, we will find a way to get it done. Our nationally ASE certified brake technicians will perform professional brake inspection and let you know what needs to be done to get your car back on the road. All work performed at our Fremont auto repair shop is covered by 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty

So if you are uneasy about your vehicle’s brakes, do not delay – call us!

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