Shocks and Struts Repair and Replacement in Fremont

Shocks and Struts Repair and Replacement in Fremont | Fremont Auto Center

Welcome to Fremont Auto Center - the premier suspension repair shop in Fremont. We provide professional suspension diagnostics and repairs, including shocks and struts repair and replacement. 

Most automotive technicians and parts companies talk about “Shocks and Struts” as if they were interchangeable. This is not quite so – while they perform similar functions, they are not interchangeable – you would not replace a worn out shock absorber with a strut. 

Both shocks and struts serve to dampen vibrations and bounce during ride – they provide smoother ride, less sway, and better vehicle control. The main difference is that struts also provide structural support for the suspension, while shock absorbers do not.  

Most vehicles have either shocks or struts, although there are some vehicles designed to have struts on the front axle, and shock absorbers on the rear axle. 

Whether your vehicle has shocks or struts, our Fremont Auto Repair shop provides a full range of shocks and struts diagnostics, repairs, and shock and strut replacement. Due to their design, as shocks and struts age, internal parts wear out, and at some point entire shock absorber or entire strut will need to be replaced. 

Here are some symptoms to watch out for – if you notice them, bring your car for an inspection – worn out shocks or struts can cause handling difficulty and extend braking distance:

A)Tires wear unevenly 

B)Vehicle nose dips while braking

C)Vibrations while driving

D)Leaking fluid

E)Tapping sound when driving over bumps – cracked bushings are usually at fault

F)It takes longer to stop the car

Because above symptoms can be caused by wear or failure of other vehicle components, not just be worn out shocks or struts, we recommend bringing your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop to diagnose and properly repair the problem. At Fremont Auto Center we offer full range of shock and struts diagnostics and repairs, provide you with an electronic copy of the inspection results and repair recommendations, and all work performed at our shop is backed by 2 year / 24, 000 miles warranty. 

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