Subaru Legacy Service and Repair in Fremont | Fremont Auto CenterSubaru Legacy by Jason Lawrence, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Subaru Legacy Service and Repair in Fremont

Fremont Auto Center is the foremost Fremont Subaru service and repair shop. Naturally, we provide full range of Subaru Legacy services and repairs in Fremont.  Our technicians have state-of-the-art tools, and are nationally ASE certified. They will take great care of your Legacy. 

Subaru Legacy is considered the flagship model of the Subaru line. We have extensive experience in handling problems that your Legacy may suffer. Granted, Subaru Legacy had some “off” years. Some were minor, like the 2015 Legacy having issues with gas caps, some were serious like the 2005 Legacy that was known to suffer from a blown head gasket. Some 2010 Legacy owners encountered transmission issues, while others had headlights issues. Many Subaru models, Legacy included, can suffer from excessive oil consumption.

We highly recommend regular oil service and maintenance – it extends engine life, it extends tire life, keeps your car performing at its best. It also gives you peace of mind. Having your vehicle professionally maintained gives you assurance that your vehicle will continue to serve you reliably for years to come. 

Regularly servicing your Subaru Legacy at our Fremont auto repair shop fulfills manufacturer requirement for keeping warranty in force. 

At Fremont Auto Center we will welcome you and your vehicle, and provide you with great service, as well as:

  • Original Equipment quality parts
  • Same day (usually) service and repairs completion
  • Your Legacy serviced by nationally ASE certified technicians 
  • 36 months/36,000 miles warranty    

Naturally, Fremont Auto Center being a full service Fremont auto repair shop, can provide broad range of repairs and services, including:  interior / exterior lighting replacement, high voltage cable inspection & repair, driveshaft replacement, muffler work, preventive maintenance inspections, water pump, thermostat replacement, car key programming, torque converter problems, battery system testing, transmission flush, exhaust system repair, auto a/c blower motor repair, TPMS sensor replacement, starting & charging diagnosis, manual transmission service & repair, brake inspection, air conditioning system recharge, shocks and struts replacement, 60,000 miles service, air conditioning repair, brake line and hose replacement, mechanical and suspension repairs, transmission replacement, engine head gasket repair, alternator failure, heater core replacement, fuel pump repair, starter relay, CV joint replacement, blower motor resistor replacement, brake pads replacement, filter replacement, preventative maintenance inspections, differential & transfer case (4WD) service, alternator tensioner, check engine light diagnostics, radiator repair, refrigerant replacement, hybrid repair & service, EVAP system service and repair, tire installation, catalytic converter replacement. 

When you bring your Subaru Legacy to our Fremont auto repair shop, our friendly staff will welcome you and take great care of your vehicle.  You can schedule an appointment online, or call us at the shop.  

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