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Timing Belt Replacement in Fremont, CA

If your vehicle’s engine has a timing belt, it is recommended to replace it at a certain age and mileage. At Fremont Auto Center, the premier Fremont auto repair shop, we offer comprehensive auto maintenance and repair services, including timing belt replacement.

The reason timing belts need to be periodically replaced is that the material they are made of can stretch over time, become brittle, and eventually breaks. The material degrades not only because of passage of time, but also because of high temperatures, and engine oil and other petroleum products it comes in contact with. Broken timing belt can cause thousands of dollars in engine repairs.

Timing belt replacement is typically done every 90,000 – 120,000 miles, depending on manufacturer recommendation. However, depending on the quality of the belt itself, how hard your car is driven, any oil leaks in the vicinity of the belt, timing belt lifespan can be significantly shortened. That’s why regular inspection of your vehicle, including the timing belt, is a good idea.

Timing belt replacement is a major job, and we recommend replacement of other components that are located in the same, hard to get, area at the same time. The most important of these additional items is the water pump, but also belt tensioners, maybe serpentine or drive belts, depending on their condition. The purpose of the timing belt is to synchronize valves, pistons and other internal parts. Timing belt failure would negatively impact such synchronization, and when you are dealing with pieces of metal moving a various speeds, this can result in major engine problems. Specifically, when a timing belt breaks it can cause damage to the pistons and the valves. Just to access the valves and pistons, the engine has to be removed and partially disassembled – an expensive repair.

So bring your vehicle to Fremont Auto Center for regular checkups, and for the timing belt replacement when it’s due. You can expect friendly service as well as:

  • Original Equipment or better quality parts
  • Clear explanation of what needs to be done
  • 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty
  • Free digital vehicle inspection with service or repairs

So if your vehicle’s timing belt is due for replacement, or if you are not sure, call us at the shop. We are happy to be of service.

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