Prius Gen 3 Service and Repair in Fremont

Welcome to Fremont’s leading Toyota Prius Gen 3 service and repair facility. At the Fremont Auto Center we provide a wide range of Prius Gen 3 maintenance services and repairs. Whether your Prius  needs brake repair or hybrid battery replacement, our nationally ASE certified technicians will take great care of your vehicle. 

Prius Gen 3, like all Priuses, requires regular oil service. All Toyota Prius models have a tendency to consume engine oil at an accelerated pace. The worst offenders were reported to consume 1 quart per 1000 miles. As the Prius Gen 3 owner, you want to do frequent oil level checks, even between oil service appointments. Prius Gen 3 also has a tendency to accelerated tire wear – we can rotate tires at the same time as we perform oil service, so they will wear evenly – this extends tire life, and saves you money. 
Electrical issues can be a problem for Toyota Prius – our technicians have both necessary training as well as the cutting-edge digital tools to diagnose and repair problems your Prius Gen 3 might experience. 

When your Toyota Prius Gen 3 needs service or repairs, bring it to our Fremont Prius repair shop. Our friendly staff will greet you, and our technicians will take great care of your vehicle. We offer:

  • 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty
  • Nationally ASE certified technician will work on your Prius
  • Same day service completion, in most cases
  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with repairs or service

Your Prius Gen 3 is a hybrid, but it contains plenty of conventional automobile systems that need to be serviced and repairs – heating and air conditioning, suspension, brake system - fortunately Fremont Auto Center is a full service auto repair shop and we can perform a wide variety of auto maintenance services and repairs. Here is an abbreviated list of what we offer: transmission replacement, axle and control arm replacement, complete engine performance check, brake line and hose replacement, TPMS sensor replacement, cooling system service (water pumps, radiators), drivability diagnostics, AC system repair, alternator repair, blower motor resistor replacement, power steering fluid exchange service, battery replacement, head light replacement, slipping clutch repair, driveability issues, belts and hoses replacement, heater repair, suspension (struts, shocks, axles, control arm), alternator testing and replacement, EVAP system service and repair, brake shoes replacement, fuel injector cleaning & service, fuel injection cleaning & service, chassis repair, AC system recharge, no-start diagnostics, rotation and check tire pressure, ignition coil replacement, brake inspection, mechanical and suspension repairs, auto air conditioning service, brake rotors replacement, shocks and struts replacement, torque converter problems, battery testing, engine repair, brake service and repair, battery service, engine replacement, and fuel system repair.

We invite you to bring your Gen 3 Prius to Fremont Auto Center – we are happy to be of service.  You can make an appointment on our website, or simply call the shop for appointment. 

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