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EXP 7/7/2024

Mercedes Axle Replacement in Fremont, CA

Fremont Auto Center offers comprehensive Mercedes services and repairs, including Mercedes axle replacement. Every time you press on the accelerator pedal to make your car go faster, a variety of components get to work to make it happen. One of them is the axle. The job of the axle is to take power from the transmission and deliver it to the wheels. It is the final shaft in a series of driveline parts that joins two wheels together, enabling them to go forward, backward and steer to the left or to the right. Because of the role the axle plays in moving your car from one place to another, it's vital to monitor its health at all times.

Signs your Mercedes' axle needs replacing

Axles are designed not just to ensure power delivery to the wheels but also to bear the weight of your vehicle. When the axle gets damaged, you may notice following signs:

  • Odd noise

Bad axle may make clunking, grinding or popping sound when you make a sharp turn at low speed or when you run over a bump or pothole.

  • Visible signs of a leak

A puddle of fluid underneath your car doesn't necessarily mean that your Mercedes' axle is bent or broken. It could just mean that the axle may suffer from loss of lubrication, which may lead to damage. The leak indicates that the boot protecting the CV joint is cracked or broken, which is why the fluid is leaking.

  • No acceleration

If the axle is severely damaged, it might make your Mercedes struggle to accelerate even if you press the gas pedal to the floor. In some cases, the car will not move at all and you may need to tow it to an auto repair shop.

  • Vibration

Noticed that the steering wheel vibrates any time your Mercedes accelerates or is cruising at a high speed? This vibration is different from the one that occurs when the wheel is out of balance. It is usually excessive and gives a bouncy feel.

If you notice any of the signs listed above, it's time to get your Mercedes to a professional auto repair shop, to get the axles checked out, and replaced if necessary. At Fremont Auto Center we can diagnose any problem your Mercedes may present, and we will get your vehicle fixed right – the first time. We are Fremont’s Mercedes specialists, and can service and repair any Mercedes currently on the Bay Area roads, including the Maybach. For all your Mercedes maintenance and repair needs call us today to make an appointment. For our clients’ convenience, we also offer appointments online, on our website.

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