Acura B Service in Fremont CA

The other day client called and asked about Acura B service. It’s actually quite involved as compared to the Acura A service which is an oil change with additional inspections or parts replacements (that’s where the digits come in, as in A1, or A3 – they indicate additional work to be performed).

Acura B service is considerably more involved than the A service. It includes a number of inspections, which of course can turn into repairs if the inspected item is failing or broken. So below we list what is involved in B service, but please remember that this list is for the basic B service – when your Acura onboard computer displays B1 service, or B6 service, additional inspections / maintenance will be required. But without further delay, here is Acura B service in a nutshell:


    Oil change

    Oil filter replacement

    Driveshaft boot inspection

    Fuel system inspection

    Suspension inspection

    Tire rod end inspection

    Front brake inspection

    Rear brake inspection

    Steering gearbox inspection

    Parking brake adjustment

    Exhaust inspection

    Tire check and tire pressure adjustment


So there it is – basic inspections but important for a safe operation of your Acura. We think it significant to mention that at Fremont Auto Center we provide a free digital vehicle inspection with every service or repair, so in addition to what’s listed above, if you bring your Acura to our Fremont auto care facility, it will undergo additional checks and inspections to make sure that it’s ready for the road. We will send you an electronic copy of the digital vehicle inspection results so you have the information at your fingertips.

So next time your Acura needs A or B service, call Fremont Auto Center or make an appointment online.

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