BMW CV Boot Replacement in Fremont CA

A torn CV boot can result in axle problems, so at Fremont Auto Center we recommend regular oil service, which at our Fremont auto repair facility includes a free digital vehicle inspection which will disclose if the CV boots on your BMW are in good working condition. During a single visit your vehicle’s engine will be provided with fresh engine oil (which extends engine life) and we will check if CV boots are doing their job.

CV boots are designed to last a long time, but they can tear or break due to material fatigue and road conditions – anybody who has traveled on the Bay Area highways and local roads has experienced potholes and the overall sorry state of our roads. These conditions put additional strain on CV boots and can result in CV boot failure.

When we inspect your BMW, we will look for CV boot tear or breakage, obviously. But we will also check for noisy operation or strong vibrations, as well as grease leaks. These are signs that something may be wrong with the CV boot and that it requires a really close inspection.

Any repairs recommended by our technicians will be presented for your approval before they commence. We will also provide you with an electronic copy of the results of the free digital vehicle inspection so you can keep it for your records. All BMW repairs performed by our ASE certified mechanics are backed by a nationwide 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty.

So when your BMW need service or you suspect CV boot issues, or you are in any way uncomfortable with the way your BMW behaves, instead of looking for a “mechanic near me”, bring your vehicle to Fremont Auto Center – we are high-end and luxury vehicle specialists and will take great care of  your BMW. Call us to make an appointment.

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