BMW Engine Repair in Fremont, CA

Your BMW, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, needs the engine functioning at its best. Engine diagnostics and repairs are some of the most demanding skills that a professional mechanic may be called upon to employ when providing BMW services. Fortunately, at Fremont Auto Center we have extensive experience working with BMW vehicles. We are not only the premier Mercedes repair shop in the East Bay, but we also have the requisite skills and cutting edge digital tools to diagnose and repair other high-end German vehicles, including your BMW.

When you bring your BMW to our Fremont auto care facility, one of our BMW specialists will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to diagnose your vehicle, and we will let you know the root cause of the problems, and what can be done to bring your BMW back to its former glory.  We highly recommend regular maintenance and following BMW recommended schedule of services – this provides your vehicle with timely services that extend engine life and keep your BMW in top shape.

Among the signs indicating that your BMW needs professional attention you will find the check engine light being illuminated (though fortunately it does not necessarily mean that your vehicles needs engine repairs), excessive exhaust smoke (especially if it’s really dark or white); loss of power is not only a cause for concern, but it can be dangerous in traffic. If you notice any unusual noises coming from the engine area it is a cause for concern as well. Naturally if you notice any oil leaks, it’s time to have your BMW brought to our Fremont auto repair garage – we will find the source of the leak and have it fixed so you can again enjoy worry-free driving experience.

One more sign that your BMW needs to visit your friendly local mechanic is decreased gas mileage. If you notice that you have to fill up the tank more frequently than before, yet your driving habits and distances have not changed significantly, it’s best to bring in your vehicle for a checkup.

If your BMW develops any of the symptoms mentioned above, call Fremont Auto Center for an appointment. One of our nationally ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicle, diagnose any problems we find, and will let you know how they can be remedied.  Our Fremont auto care facility offers convenient online appointments. You can also call us at the shop, and we can make an appointment on the phone. All repairs performed at our family owned and operated auto repair garage are covered by a nationwide 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty.

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