Fall Auto Checkup in Fremont,

Fall Auto Checkup in Fremont, CA

As the weather cools down and the Fall is upon us, it's time to get your vehicle ready for the rainy season. We will likely not have the amount of rain we had last year, but your car will still face inclement weather and it should be ready. Major areas of concern are starting, stopping, and overall safety. So we recommend that you bring your vehicle to our Fremont auto repair shop, and our nationally ASE certified mechanics will check suspension, brakes, tires, and battery to make sure you have reliable transportation when the winter storms arrive. 

We recommend brake inspection - brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake fluid lines and the brake fluid itself - to make sure the braking system will work reliably under wet weather conditions.

Suspension is also vital for overall vehicle control, and it impacts stopping distance. Suspension wears out slowly over time, and often we do not notice the gradual deterioration of vehicle handling. At Fremont Auto Center we can check suspension to make sure it provides you with firm vehicle control, and that the stopping distance is not impacted by a worn down suspension. 

Tires are vital to the proper vehicle control. In a storm worn out tires are unable to properly evacuate water which can result in hydroplaning and a loss of control over the vehicle. So a tire check is recommended as well.

We also recommend wiper blade check, since worn wiper blades will limit visibility during a heavy rain, and in California summer sun is merciless to the wiper blades ( think of all those UV rays damaging the wiper blades day after day, all summer long). 

We also recommend charging system inspection, or at a minimum, a battery check. Cold weather makes batteries less efficient, so a battery that worked fine during the summer may leave you unable to start your car in the fall - usually at the worst possible time. 

At Fremont Auto Center we believe in preventing problems and addressing possible issues before they manifest as breakdowns. So make an appointment for a fall vehicle inspection and if your vehicle is due for an oil change, we can combine them to save you an extra trip. Call us at the shop to make an appointment, or you can make an appointment on our website. We are looking forward to serving you and to servicing your vehicle.

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