Mercedes and Nvidia Working Together on AI

Nvidia is the premier manufacturer of the specialized computer chips needed to power artificial intelligence applications. At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, Nvidia and Mercedes spoke about AI in the automobile market.

Nvidia, naturally, wants its chips to be used for every AI application in the automotive industry.  They want to use the data generated from cameras, the radar, and LIDAR on vehicles, to finally reach the goal of a safe, self-driving automobile – and so does every automobile maker. But so far the goal remains elusive.

Mercedes announced that it is offering enhanced Virtual Assistant which apparently will offer a blend of empathetic and proactive interactions, including 4 emotions that adapt to people’s needs, preferences, and moods.

Nvidia suggests that Mercedes will be able to train large language model (artificial intelligence) not only with the history of Mercedes vehicles, but also the manual for a particular model, as well as info about the status of the car, so that the driver could have a conversation with the vehicle and get correct answers from the AI.

At Fremont Auto Center we are looking forward to talking to your Mercedes to find out what error codes are stored in the onboard computer, but are not putting away our scopes, scanners or wrenches – when a computer tells us the error code, it’s only a beginning of a journey to discover the root cause of the problem. So while it may be fun to have a conversation with your automobile, for the time being, we don’t see much change in the day-to-day auto repair work – just as building self-driving cars turned out to be a lot more complicated than automakers anticipated, we also expect that building self-diagnosing cars will take a while – decades, not years.

In the meantime, Fremont Auto Center remains your go-to facility for all Mercedes maintenance services and repairs in the Bay Area. And when the self-diagnosing cars become a reality, you will still need experienced Mercedes specialists to verify that the computer diagnosed the problem correctly, and to perform the repairs.

So if your Mercedes needs a bit of tender, loving care, call us to make an appointment – we are Bay Area’s Mercedes-Benz specialists.

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