What to do when the infamous Check Engine Light is “on”?


When the check engine light comes on in your car – what should you do?

If the check engine light if flashing – pull to the side of the road as soon as it is safe to do so, and turn off the engine.

Flashing check engine light indicates serious problems with the car. You want to have it towed to an auto repair shop (call AAA – if you don’t have AAA, buy it now, before you need it). Driving with flashing check engine light could cause severe engine damage.

If the check engine light is not flashing, and the car drives normally, then the problem is not an emergency – but you should still bring the car in for a checkup within a day or two. Even if the check engine light is not flashing, continued driving with the check engine light “on” can damage the catalytic converter – resulting in a very expensive repair.

Now for the good news – the check engine light can be illuminated in response to any of dozens of codes – not all of them mean serious repairs. But it takes a professional to diagnose the cause – the code in itself rarely tells the whole story.

So if your vehicle’s check engine light is on, bring it to Fremont Auto Center – we will be happy to help.

Call us at (510) 505-9299.


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