Tire Check and Tire Rotation in Fremont CA

Winter is upon us, and with it rains and slippery driving conditions. We recommend tire check and tire rotation to make sure your vehicle has the right traction under wet driving conditions.

Tire rotation allows tires to wear evenly, which extends tire life and saves you money. Tire rotation also improves control of the vehicle – particularly important under wet driving conditions. Tire tread depth check ensures that tires have enough tread depth to properly evacuate water and minimize the chance of spinouts and hydroplaning.

At our Fremont auto care facility we can perform both tire rotation and tire tread check during the same visit. We will also check your tires for tire rot, and adjust air pressure to manufacturer specifications.

These simple procedures will go a long way to keep your vehicle from having tire related issues this winter. And if you know your vehicle's tires need replacement, you can ask our friendly service advisors and they will provide you with multiple tire replacement options, including Original Equipment Manufacturer tires for your particular make and model, so we can give your car the same brand of tires it got at the factory.

So call Fremont Auto Center and make an appointment. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can make an appointment online, on our website. All of us at Fremont Auto Center wish you a safe winter driving season.

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