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Auto Brakes Service in Fremont, CA

Brakes are vital to your safety on the road.  At Fremont Auto Center we offer comprehensive brake services and repairs. Brake system consist of hydraulic (brake lines and brake fluid) and friction components (brake pads, disks, rotors, brake shoes, drums), and of course brake calipers, brake master cylinder, brake boosters and abs components. They all need to work together harmoniously to provide you with a safe and consistent braking on the road.

At Fremont Auto Center we offer broad range of brake services including:

brake inspection and diagnostics – if the brakes squeak, screech, vibrate or make grinding noises, it’s time to for a professional brake inspection 

brake fluid inspection – brake fluid, by its nature, attracts moisture, and over time water content of the brake fluid increases to the point that it starts corroding brake system components and can have adverse impact on braking – our technicians can measure water content of the brake fluid, and also can check the overall condition of the brake fluid (as brake components erode over time, particles contaminate brake fluid) – if it needs to be replaced, we will let you know

brake fluid replacement – brake fluid may need to be replaced due to water content as well as its overall condition - most manufacturers recommend brake fluid replacement every two to three years

brake pad replacement or brake shoe replacement – brake pads (or brake shoes) are friction items – they wear out as we apply brakes – hundreds of times on even short trips – they will wear out over time and need to be replaced

brake calipers replacement – if your vehicle pulls to one  side, it could be a sign that one of the calipers is not releasing properly – replacement is necessary

brake rotors replacement – in the olden days, mechanics were able to “turn the rotors” – use a lathe to take off a layer of metal and return warped rotors to normal condition – this is no longer advisable because rotors are now made much thinner ( to lower vehicle weight and improve mileage), so “turning rotors” would result in rotors being too thing to properly do their job – therefore modern rotors are simply replaced when they become warped or otherwise come to the end of their useful life

parking / emergency brake service – we normally don’t think much about the parking brake, but it is a part of the braking system – it needs to hold the vehicle in place even when parked on a steep hill, and it needs to be ready in emergencies – at Fremont Auto Center we offer parking brake inspection and service

ABS braking system service – anti-lock braking system relies on sensors and computers to provide safe braking experience, even under slippery road conditions – we offer ABS service at our Fremont auto repair facility

brake bleeding - brake bleeding is performed when air gets into brake fluid line - for a variety of reasons, small air bubbles make their way into the brake lines, and over time as they accumulate, it will negatively impact braking capability – brake “bleeding” simply means removing the air bubbles form the brake lines

At Fremont Auto Center we offer comprehensive brake services and repairs, and all work caries 24 months / 24,000 mile warranty.

When you brake, it should be firm and steady pedal feel that produces even, smooth braking. If your vehicle’s brakes do not provide that level of performance, give us a call to schedule brake service.

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